About inflatable screens

With an original AIRSCREEN® brand inflatable screen, every location can quickly be turned into a gigantic open-air or drive-in cinema. Parks, stadiums, beaches, historic sites, town centers, parking lots or even lakes and rivers. Inflatable screens are the ideal solution wherever a large, quick and easy to install projection screen is required.

AIRSCREEN consists of an inflatable PVC frame with an attached projection screen. For convenience and ease of use, the surface can remain in place as the AIRSCREEN is repeatedly inflated, deflated or transported. A system of tensioning tethers & ratchets secures the perfect fixation up to 24 mph or 38 km/h. For average sizes, it takes 30 – 60 minutes to install and even less to be removed.


We have designed 3 different models to perfectly fit all needs:

AIRSCREEN nano – Just take it under your arm! The quick and easy solution for open-air cinemas with up to 50 movie lovers. The inflatable frame is completely sealed, no blower needed once inflated.

AIRSCREEN airtight
– the right choice for 100 to 400 spectators. The frame is airtight, so no blower is necessary while watching the film.

– the heavy duty screen for 200 to 5,000 spectators. AIRSCREEN classic is always connected to a permanently running blower.

For more detailed information about inflatable movie screens, projectors and sound systems visit: www.airscreen.com

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