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AIRSCREEN – the inflatable movie screen in Croatia

AIRSCREEN inflatable screen in Croatia
AIRSCREEN classic 30ft x 17ft (9.15m x 5.15m) at a summer cinema in Croation

One of the largest outdoor cinemas of Croatia, the “Screen on the Green”, is now taken place in Zagreb and Split. The films are shown on a 30ft. wide mobile screen. About 1000 spectators are visiting the screenings. The favourite movies so far were computer-animated blockbusters like “Up”, “Ratatouille” or “Wall-E”.

Inflatable movie screen in Zagreb
Inflatable movie screen in Zagreb

High season for open air cinemas in Germany

Many open air cinemas have now begun to open their doors and more are going to follow in the coming weeks. More and more open air cinemas are using inflatable screens as they guarantee sublime viewing pleasure for everybody watching.

Since the beginning of July it has not been horses running at the racecourse in Krefeld, rather open air cinema events, on a 52ft. wide AIRSCREEN.  Showing, are the latest blockbusters, films to make you think and also documentaries. Up to 800 people are able to watch and are sheltered from whatever the weather has to throw at them.

Open air cinema in Germany

Meanwhile celebrations for the 10 year anniversary of the summer cinema in Gera are also underway. In the city’s ‘Hofwiesenpark’ comedy highlights are being shown on the inflatable screen meaning that this open air cinema is fun for all the family.

Outdoor cinema with an inflatable movie screen

Also happening at the moment in Chemnitz are two outdoor cinema events. Up to 2000 cinema go-er’s can join for a film night. Using the successful concept as seen in Dresden, Chemnitz is also using a 20m x 10m AIRSCREEN for the first time. A colourful mixture of films will be shown here up until the end of august.

66 ft. wide mobile cinema screen in Chemnitz, Germany

Also available on the artificial beach of Chemnitz are extra special films where fresh cocktails are also available. Making for a unique atmosphere which everybody is invited to enjoy.

Summer cinema with AIRSCREEN

Charlie Chaplin’s ‚The Great Dictator’ at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate

Chaplin Film series in Berlin kicked off with a very special viewing of the film ‘The Great Dictator’ in the shadows of the imposing Brandenburg Gate where the story begins.

80 years after Chaplin’s first visit to Berlin, the film was shown to an audience of around 1000 on an inflatable AIRSCREEN. Set in front of the Brandenburg Gate, the film is one of 80 of Chaplin’s that will be shown over the coming months in Berlin as part of the Chaplin film series.

Chaplin’s Daughter, the Dr. Zhivago actress Geraldine, was also in attendance, and was the special guest of the event. The use of an AIRSCREEN in the city centre of the German capital was no coincidence; its ease of transport, installation and take down was a huge advantage for the event organisers who will use the AIRSCREEN for further events.

Outdoor movies in South Florida – Inflatable screens make it easy to set up an open air

Watching movies outdoors: Since the 1960’s it happened at the drive-in theater. Nowadays the spirit of outdoor movies is still alive, but the format has changed.

Inflatable movie screen at the beach

Outdoor movies projected on inflatable screens are growing in popularity. Municipal parks and various venues see the outdoor movies as a way to satisfy the public’s appetite for shared entertainment.

Outdoor movies bringing the community together

Another advantage:  most screenings are free. It is like a drive-in without the car. Big crowds of people enjoy movies outdoors. In Miami Beach movies are shown on inflatable screens in Flamingo Park, North Shore Youth Center Park and South Pointe. These park screenings already exist for a few years and up to 1,000 people are bringing chairs blankets and even picnic dinners.

Outdoor movies at a public park

Family-oriented communities have the chance to show a movie on the big screen in a neighborhood park. It encourages people to enjoy things they normally would do indoors. Many venues in South Florida like The Village of Biscayne Park, Palmetto Bay, Screen on the Green in South Miami or Barnacle Historic State Park in Coconut Grove will host their famous outdoor movie nights every year.

AIRSCREEN in Australia

Recently many outdoor movie events took place in Australia. Each time an inflatable movie screen was blown up to show films outside.

Many spectators have seen Blockbusters like “Avatar” or “Sherlock Holmes” at the “Starlight Cinema” at North Sydney Oval.

outdoor cinema with AIRSCREEN

Every January “Movies in the Overflow” (based in the Olympic Park of Sydney) also offers public screenings of recently released films and also a selection of classic films.

Outdoor screening with inflatable movie screen

Another stunning location in Sydney is the Belvedere Amphitheatre, Centennial park, which can host up to 3,000 visitors.

In New South Wales “Flix in the Stix” brings short films  to the masses. The Festival hits miscellaneous towns and showed movies to over 4,000 patrons so far.

Last but not least the first annual Warrambeen Film Festival took place near Melbourne. They also use several inflatable movie screens and were very impressed how  easy you  can show movies outdoors.

Open-air cinema opens in Madrid

One of the world’s largest open-air cinemas has opened its doors in the Spanish capital of Madrid. The gigantic inflatable screen construction measuring an enormous 28m x 16m ensures that the best view is guaranteed in every seat in the house. Whether it be current blockbusters such as Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ or classics such as the ‘Godfather’, film-lovers are guaranteed a great show whatever the film.

In the idyllic Parque Enrique Tierno Galván not only will you find great cinema, but also a number of musicians and bands who are also in attendance to ensure that post film, the party keeps on going. Food and drinks are also there in abundance. With all of that on offer what is there to stop you? The Madrid open-air cinema is open until the start of August.

Opening night of the Madrid open-air cinema
Opening night of the Madrid open-air cinema

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