Creative outdoor movie concepts

Movies on the water, on a cruise, in the vineyards…even from an airplane! In this article we share alternative concepts to use your AIRSCREEN inflatable screen. This easily adjusts to different situations, so let your imagination run wild!

1. Vino al Cine. Mendoza, Argentina

vino al cine Mega Cines AudiovisualesPhoto: Mega Cines Audiovisuales

“Cine al Vino” is a mobile cinema concept that takes place since 2011. Viewers can enjoy movie nights among the vineyards of Argentina´s most impressive wine routes.

Before sunset, the visitors can visit the winery and enjoy a good glass of wine. When it gets dark enough, as advisable, the projection can start.

This event is made by Megacines Audiovisual together with Bodegas de Argentina. The funds collected are used for social causes.

2. Movies in the water. Newport Beach, California

jawsPhoto: Events Elevated

Events Elevated offers an innovative concept: Themed movies in the water. To make the audience immerse (literally) in the experience, the film is related to the water and the seats are floats.

Here  an impression of the projection of “Jaws”, the film that narrates the attack of the white shark.

3. Eat/See/Hear Festival, Los Angeles

eat, see, hear AIRSCREENPhoto: Eat, see, hear Festival

This festival celebrates cinema, music and food by combining them together. During daylight visitors can assist a concert and when the sun sets, the movie begins.

Eat, see, hear is the right event for families, couples, friends and even pets.

4. Whirlpool Cinema, Germany

AIRSCREEN_16ft-4.88m_By-the-poolPhoto: AIRSCREEN

This event, which takes places in Germany, offers a particularly relaxing atmosphere as viewers watch the movie from a jacuzzi.

It is possible to buy individual tickets or reserve a whole Jacuzzi for 6 people. While the public watches the movie, a catering service is also available.

5. Fly-In. Texel, The Netherlands

AIRSCREEN_12m-40ft_NL_Fly-in_3.jpgPhoto: AIRSCREEN

Every year the “Fly-In Cinema” takes place in this dutch island and has limited tickets. These fans of aviation and cinema enjoy the movie from a plane and have access to drinks at a buffet.

6. Efecto Pedal. Uruguay

1474417_1134633313243685_6920426908424330903_nPhoto: Efecto Cine

The “Pedal effect” is an event that combines sport with cinema. The spectators produce enough energy themselves to make the outdoor cinema system run. This event has been successfully expanded in Latin America in countries such as Colombia, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil.

In addition to promoting culture through cinema, this event also seeks to promote the use of bicycles for a healthier life and less impact on the environment.

7. Movies on a cruise. Thames River, United Kingdom

thames river AIRSCREENPhoto: Movies on the river Thames

The English people are true lovers of outdoor cinema and this screening offered another way to enjoy this popular activity. This event is specially unconventional, because the viewers enjoy a spectacular sunset from a cruise in the Thames.

The screenings take place during 5 weeks during the summer and the ship sails from the Tower of London and passes through some of the most spectacular monuments of the English capital. The public can the buy snacks and drinks on board too.

If you have an idea to open your own outdoor cinema, contact us by clicking here.