Kenward Lim & Mario Wong from Spearing Events (Singapore)

“The main selling points of AIRSCREEN are its quality, stability, and sustainability.”

Tell us something about your company. What exactly do you do?
Spearing Events is a sales & rental company, specialising in events equipment to elevate your event to the next level. Our popular products include inflatable event structures, reusable building blocks, LED cocktail tables and of course, AIRSCREEN.

What inspired you to organize open-air cinema events, and how did you come into the business?

We noticed a trend in Singapore for outdoor entertainment and started organizing open-air cinema events as people were looking for a unique experience away from traditional movie theaters. Watching a movie under the stars surrounded by nature provided an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Passionate about creating unique and memorable experiences, we researched outdoor movie screening technology and partnered with AIRSCREEN to provide high-quality entertainment. Their products met our expectations, making them the perfect partner to achieve our goal of unforgettable outdoor cinema experiences.. We’ve provided high-quality outdoor entertainment to a variety of clients, from private parties to corporate events and festivals. Each unique event is carefully planned to ensure the best possible experience for our clients.

How would you describe the types of events that typically generate interest in Singapore?
In Singapore, events that typically generate interest are those that offer unique and memorable experiences. Singaporeans love to participate in activities that allow them to unwind and have fun with friends and family. In recent years, we have seen an increase in interest in outdoor events such as music festivals, food festivals, and sporting events.
When it comes to open-air cinema events specifically, we have found that romantic comedies, family-friendly films, and cult classics tend to attract the largest crowds. However, we always try to cater to the specific interests of our clients and can tailor the movie selection to their preferences.

What made you be interested in and ultimately choose AIRSCREEN?
The main selling points of AIRSCREEN is its quality, stability, and sustainability. AIRSCREENs have premium quality frames which are flame-retardant, and can last for at least a decade. In addition, AIRSCREEN’s anchors and tensioning-straps provides the screens with a wind rating of up to 24mph, so that the screen would not bend or tear easily. Lastly, it is our company mission to be as environmentally-sustainable as possible, which is why AIRSCREEN’s use of non-toxic materials are a great selling point for us.

Which sizes of AIRSCREENs do you have?
We have several different sizes of AIRSCREENs available to cater to events of all sizes. Our product lineup includes:
• Nano screen: Our smallest screen, measuring 2.4m x 1.4m (8ft x 4.6ft), designed for small-scale events such as private screenings and small gatherings.
• 4.88m and 6.10m Airtight screens: These screens are inflatable and completely airtight, providing a stable and high-quality viewing experience. The 4.88m screen measures 16ft x 9ft, while the 6.10m screen measures 20ft x 11.2ft. These screens are perfect for medium-sized events and gatherings.n• 9m Classic screens: Our largest screen, measuring 30ft x 17ft, is the 9m Classic screen. This screen provides a premium viewing experience for large-scale events, such as music festivals, corporate events, and public screenings.

Can you tell me about your history and experience working with AIRSCREEN, and how they helped you to enhance your events?

We are extremely pleased with AIRSCREEN’s after-sales services. During an event in August 2022, we had to set-up an AIRSCREEN on a slope, which was rather tricky. In addition, we were rusty and required some assistance to setup the screen, as we have not used the screen due to COVID-19 restrictions. We raised our concerns to AIRSCREEN and without hesitation, Dmitry from the sales department flew to Singapore and helped us with the setup and teardown of the screen. Dmitry’s assistance was much needed as we did not have the technical knowledge to setup the screen on the slope, and we are extremely grateful for his help.

How long have you been using AIRSCREENs?
We have been using AIRSCREENs for over eight years now. Our first communication with AIRSCREEN was back on January 3rd, 2013. Since then, we have consistently used AIRSCREEN products for our open-air cinema events, and we have found them to be highly reliable and durable. Despite the challenging outdoor conditions, such as wind and rain, we have never encountered any significant issues with our AIRSCREENs. Our clients have provided positive feedback on the quality of the AIRSCREENs, with many commenting on the high-quality sound and visuals. Overall, we are proud to have a long-standing partnership with AIRSCREEN and to continue to provide high-quality outdoor cinema experiences for our clients.

Can you tell us more about the kind of people that typically attend your open-air cinema events?
Our attendees would vary depending on our client, as we would organise open-air cinema events in different environments such as the heartland neighbourhoods, Central Business District of Singapore, and even gardens. Therefore, our attendees would vary from kids to working adults, and even the elderly.

How do you differentiate your open-air cinema events from other entertainment options in Singapore?
We differentiate our events by providing a memorable experience for our attendees. In Singapore, the entertainment options are rather limited as everything is either too expensive or tiring. Therefore, our open-air cinema provides attendees with an affordable option to kick their feet back and enjoy a movie with their loved ones. As we screen our movies outdoors, attendees are also allowed to chat and move around more freely compared to the traditional cinema, which we found to be an attracting factor.

Can you share any unique or memorable experiences that you’ve had while hosting an open-air cinema event in Singapore?
We have had many unique and memorable experiences while hosting open-air cinema events in Singapore. One such event was the Jimami Tofu Heritage Screening on June 30th, 2018. This was Airscreen’s first open public screening in Singapore at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The event was a huge success, with attendees enjoying the unique outdoor cinema experience.
Another memorable event for us was during our 10th year anniversary, where we organized an Avengers Movie Marathon Screening in September 2019 at the outdoor of Capital Singapore. This event was particularly memorable for us as it was a milestone for our company, and we were thrilled to share the experience with our clients.

What are some feedbacks you have received from clients?

Feedback from clients has been mostly positive, with many expressing amazement at the quality of our screens despite being outdoors. Some have even compared the screen quality to traditional movie theaters and appreciate the immersive experience of watching a movie under the stars. Efficient setup and tear-down time has been noted by clients, thanks to AIRSCREEN’s innovative and well-designed screen that stands upright without additional arches or backstands, resulting in a clean and attractive appearance. Compared to other similar products, clients have noted AIRSCREEN’s superior quality and durability. Many appreciate the level of detail that goes into designing and manufacturing each screen, making them stand out from other products.

How are you trying to market the concept of an open-air cinema? Have you ever partnered with any local businesses or organizations?

We’re marketing the concept by highlighting its main selling points: a unique and memorable experience, flexibility, and a level of comfort that traditional cinemas can’t offer. Our social media page features stunning scenery captured at AIRSCREEN events to showcase these attractions. We partnered with Cinewav, a new audio solution for outdoor cinema. They approached us for a projecton surface and were impressed with AIRSCREEN, leading them to make a quick purchase.

What do you think about the future of open-air cinema in Singapore?
We think that the open-air cinema concept will be larger than what it is today. As most Singaporeans are still not accustomed to the concept of open-air cinema, they tend to stick with the traditional cinema as it has been working for them all their lives. However, as we slowly start to move towards a sustainable environment, we believe that businesses such as event organisers would see the USPs of AIRSCREENs. Once this concept is tested and proven, we believe that open-air cinemas in Singapore will really start to prosper.

How did the pandemic affect your company and how are you planning on moving forward now and in the future?During the pandemic, we had to adapt our business strategy from event planning to sales and rental. We started renting out equipment such as metal barricades and LED tables, and eventually added AIRSCREEN to our offerings. We believe in the potential of this collaboration and plan to aggressively scale it for the future.