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A Mobile Cinema that helps elephants? It’s however true!

There are so many ways to make future generations understand that we must conserve the fauna and flora of our planet, and the team of The Elephant Queen have chosen the art of cinema to make the world aware of this cause.

The Elephant Queen, an internationally acclaimed Kenyan film, is launching a mobile cinema and conservation awareness initiative across Kenya. The film is the result of 4 years of shooting in the greater ecosystem of Tsavo and 3 years of post-production by a diverse, talented, and committed team.

Despite the complicated filming conditions particularly accentuated by the global pandemic, the film crew is pleased to present a documentary that inspires and unifies millions of people around the world towards a better understanding and appreciation of elephants and wild spaces, allowing thereby raising thousands of dollars for wildlife education.

For the return of their long-awaited tour, the team stopped at the edge of Lake Jipe, where a community with a strong proximity to elephants’ lives, to kick off the screening of the film.

 AIRSCREEN® at Lake Jipe, Tanzania.

The film, which celebrates Kenya’s extraordinary wildlife and biodiversity, won, among many accolades, the Peace Cinema Award, the United Nations World Wildlife Day Biodiversity Award and Best Cinematography at DOC NYC.

Our AIRSCREEN® has brought the movie “The Elephant Queen” in several countries, and therefore facilitate the film crew to raise awareness among local populations about the danger that elephants face.

The Elephant Queen film crew with an AIRSCREEN®

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For more information on The Elephant Queen and her crew, please visit their webpage or Instagram account.

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  1. It’s been a mervel to use air screen in the entire outreach program. A top notch quality screen for a world class objective.

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