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Comeback of drive-in cinema amid Coronavirus

The drive-in cinema has always been a special event for everyone. Whether a romantic movie night for a couple or an exciting activity for the whole family. Such concept goes beyond ordinary indoor cinema experience and shakes up your daily grind.

Despite all this, it has been a while since the drive-in cinemas reached their peak in the ‘50 with around 4,000 theatres across the United States. Now there are just over 400 theatres still operating in the US. 

Drive-in cinema with AIRSCREEN in the US
Drive-in cinema with AIRSCREEN classic (9.15m x 5.15m)

However, this might change soon as drive-in cinema is about to make a huge comeback amid coronavirus pandemic in many countries. While indoor theatres as well as any other entertainment venues fear permanent closure, drive-ins bring a breath of fresh air for everyone who wants to escape from isolation and enjoy some pleasant moments with their loved ones during difficult times.

The key point is that being in a car you can still meet social distancing guidance. You are also allowed to bring your own food and drinks while tickets can be purchased online only to avoid any unnecessary social contact with other persons. Such concept is going to set the trend for the next months attracting more and more cinema owners and entrepreneurs from other fields in an attempt to adapt their business to changing market conditions.

AIRSCREEN at the harbor in Münster
AIRSCREEN 16m x 8m in Münster

Trying to meet expectation of our customers, we are pleased to introduce a special AIRSCREEN drive 9m (30ft) with two screen surfaces for up to 200 cars (100 cars per each side). Of course, you can also get everything you need for your drive-in cinema in one place: all AIRSCREENS can be complimented by a suitable projector, FM-Transmitter and adapted to individual needs. Now every parking lot can easily and quickly be turned into a drive-in cinema theatre.

For more information about drive-in cinema systems please visit our webpage or send us a message.

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