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Tribeca Filmfestival 2020

Tribeca, one of the most important film festivals worldwide, takes place under special circumstances this year. Due to the corona virus the 19th Edition will be a complete drive-in series. The event was found in 2002 by Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal in New York after the attack on the World Trade center.

According to co-founder Jane Rosenthal the drive-in series offers a quick and save solution to keep the magic of cinema experience, despite the current situation.

From July 2nd  to August 2nd 120 films from blockbuster over comedy films to classics, teasers and film introductions can be seen. The tickets are only sold online and a charitable cause is supported. A part of this year´s ticket revenue will be donated to the Black Lives Matter-movement.

Robert De Niro also stresses that the drive-in series benefits shared cinema experience on the big screen. Additionally the own car provides secured space, thus social distancing can be enabled.

The AIRSCREEN Company is part of the drive-in series in New York with one of the biggest AIRSCREENS (98ft x 41ft) in the US. The XXL screen can be inflated within 15 minutes and 500 vehicles can participate at the event. The sound is broadcasted over a frequency via fm transmitter to the car radios.

The concept of the Tribeca film festival suits AIRSCREEN perfectly, given that the event is not just about open air- and drive-in cinema, but also about social viewing. This is a shared event as social activity for everybody. Drive-in enables cultural events to take place especially in times of covid-19 pandemic. From concerts over sports broadcasting up to eGames, people can meet and enjoy special moments together while keeping save distance.

We hope soon daily life will return to normality, so that classic open air cinemas can reopen.

For further information concerning an own drive-in cinema please visit our website or send us a message via contact form.

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