ONA Short Film Festival in Venice

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The cinema entertainment is back in full swing this weekend in Venice.

While the celebrities have been hitting the red carpet at the 78th Venice International Film Festival, ONA Short Film Festival kicked off yesterday at the beautiful Giardini Marinaressa with a breathtaking view over the Venice Lagoon.

Outdoor festival screenings on the huge inflatable movie screen AIRSCREEN® make the atmosphere of this event even more fascinating.

The program of the festival, which is being held from 9 to 11 September 2021, is divided into three categories: Outdoor sports, Animation & Experimental.

The aim of the festival is to raise environmental awareness by sharing life-changing stories. Among the topics covered are nature, cultural awareness and outdoor activities, which inspire positive change and have an impact on people’s environmental attitudes. According to the festival producers, spending time in places surrounded by awe-inspiring natural wonders could be a wake-up call to save and protect nature.

Apart from the film program the festival’s profile also includes masterclasses, workshops as well as sport activities for all festival guests.

For further information please visit the the official page of the Ona FIlm Festival: https://onafilmfestival.com/

For additional information about the AIRSCREEN click here.

Free COVID-safe Australia Day drive-in cinema

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Getting out of the house to enjoy a concert or a movie night under a starry sky has been no simple task since the Corona virus spread throughout all over the world. Drive-in theaters are a COVID-safe way to escape from isolation and enjoy some entertainment with your family and friends. This year the Ku-ring-gai residents could enjoy a free COVID-safe drive-in cinema event on Australia Day. Ku-ring-gai Council is a local government area in Northern Sydney, Australia. The region is named after the Kuringgai tribe who one inhabited the area.

Drive-in cinema in Ku-ring-gai Council
AIRSCREEN® drive in Ku-ring-gai Council

The Council’s family event was cancelled this year due to COVID-19 restrictions and the organizer found another solution. The Ku-ring-gai residents were invited to come together to reflect, respect and celebrate some unique Australian stories on Australia Day. The recently released Australian film “Go!” was played on the double-sided AIRSCREEN® drive (12m x 6m) on this special day.

Double sided AIRSCREEN® drive in Ku-ring-gai Council
Drive-in cinema with the double sided AIRSCREEN® drive

The AIRSCREEN® drive is a double sided inflatable screen and perfect for drive-in movie nights in the age of social distancing. Up to 300 cars – 150 cars per side – were accommodated at the showground for this free screening. A great advantage of the double sided AIRSCREEN® drive is that two different or the same movies can be played at the same time. The viewers were allowed to bring their own food to the drive-in cinema or choose some delicious street food from one of several food trucks.

Street food from food trucks at the drive-in cinema event
Delicious street food at the drive-in cinema

The film is about a boy who overcomes tremendous odds to achieve his dream of winning the “National Go Kart Championship”. Moreover it is a high-octane Australian family film with heart. Produced in Western Australia and highlighting the dusty landscapes, Aussie tones and overall tenacity.

Australia Day Movie GO! was played on the screen
The movie GO! on Australia Day

For more information about drive-in cinema systems please visit our website or get in touch with our Australian partner – Be Productions or send us a message to make your drive-in cinema event happen!

For more informations about Ku-ring-gai Council and St. Ives Showground, please check out the webpage or Instagram account.

Breathtaking Norway premiere of “Mission Impossible: Fallout”

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About a year ago, the movie staff of “Mission Impossible: Fallout” filmed during 9 days the final scenes  at one of the most visited places in Norway: Preikestolen. This place is where the impressive final confrontation between Cruise’s spy, Ethan Hunt, and Henry Cavill’s killer, August Walker, takes place. Although the actor Tom Cruise could not attend the premiere he thanked his fans  for attending and regretted not being able to be there through a Twitter post.

On August 1, 2018, 2000 lucky and adventurous fans walked 4 hours to watch “Mission Impossible: Fallout” and possibly live the most extraordinary movie night. The audience had the opportunity to see in person one of the places where Cruise made some of his intrepid acrobatics that are characterized by defying death. After the end of the screening, the mission continued, as all the 2000 spectators walked back in the darkness using head lamps.

A 12m x 6m AIRSCREEN classic was used for this event and was epically transported in a helicopter to Preikestolen. The characteristics of the original inflatable screen made this event possible, as it is rolled up for transport and easily installed in about 3 hours, making what some would consider “mission impossible” actually possible: Watching movies at the imposing Norwegian fjords.

AIRSCREEN missio impossibleFoto: Paramount Pictures

Preikestolen is one of the most visited attractions in the county of Rogaland in eastern Norway, and one of the most spectacular photographic locations in the country. Not for nothing has it been named one of the most spectacular view points in the world by CNN Go and Lonely Planet. To reach the famous rock of Preikestolen, located on the Lysefjord east of Norway, people must hike 4 hours to climb 350m and travel approximately 7.5 km away. (Visit Norway, 2018)

AIRSCREEN supports you in all your “impossible missions” to spread the magic of outdoor cinema. We also want to congratulate our partner Unique Digital Nordic for  such a spectacular event.

Contact us today to make your outdoor film project come true! Click here to take the first step or send us an email to info@airscreen.com,

Enjoy outdoor movies in a hot tub!

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Imagine bathing in a hot tub while watching classic movies like Dirty Dancing or Pulp Fiction on an inflatable movie screen. That doesn’t sound fun enough? There are also waiters serving drinks directly to your tub as well as all kinds of snacks.

hot tubs with AIRSCREEN nano1

This idea was born in 2006 by Asher Charman from the UK. He says: “Our guiding mantra here at Hot Tub Cinema is that we don’t just watch films, we celebrate them. We encourage our guests to dress up, sing, dance, drink, play and most of all enjoy their favorite films, alongside friends old and new.” Right now there are several locations in the UK and Hot Tub Cinema is also coming to New York and Ibiza. Guests can book a whole tub for up to six friends or can book tickets individually and share with others.
Just recently filmgoers in Germany also have the chance to enjoy this unique kind of cinema experience. Whirlpool Cinema as well combines the twin pleasures of cinema and bathing.
What are you waiting for? Make a splash and book your own bubbly Hot Tub enjoying cinema in style!

Start your own pop-up cinema business with AIRSCREEN

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If you are thinking about starting your own business: How about starting an outdoor movie company?

You like to travel? Perfect! There are so many opportunities to bring open-air cinema to people:

  • Establish a theater in rural areas where no cinemas exist anymore
  • Movie nights for hotels on the beach or at the pool
  • Backyard cinema in beautiful gardens
  • Pop-up cinema in unusual places – let environment and movie become one
  • Drive-in cinema for nostalgic cinema experience
  • Offer an outdoor video game experience on a screen bigger than all of your living room walls
  • Start a travelling cinema and bring movies to schools, cities and communities

And there are so many more ideas not created yet, it gives you free rein to your creativity! The best about this: it is pretty easy to install our plug and play products. AIRSCREEN complete outdoor cinema systems are starting at affordable 5,290 EUR. An inflatable movie screen, full HD projector and a professional sound system – all you need is included.

Check out our complete outdoor movie packages here.

Pop-up cinema

To help you grow your mobile cinema business you will also gain leads from us. It’s a proven business model and it successfully works in many countries worldwide.

There is no experience necessary to go ahead. Get started and join the AIRSCREEN family – use our knowledge, support and marketing material. Learn from our partners worldwide how to organize, promote and establish your own event company.

Take a look at our People behind AIRSCREEN section to learn about our partners and how they started their open-air cinema business.

Contact us today at info@airscreen.com or fill in our online contact form and we’ll get you on your way to running your own event production company.

Open-air cinema with solar power

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Open-air cinema with solar power

Everybody knows and loves the travelling cinemas as a special form of outdoor cinema. However a cinema only powered by the sun is an unique experience – both for attendees and staff. Dutch filmmaker Maureen Prins started the Solar Cinema in the Netherlands in 2006 to bring unseen films to unusual places and to promote the use of renewable energy.

travelling cinema with inflatable movie screen

Whether parks, local squares, locations on the beach or even gravel pits – there are no limitations for such a mobile cinema. Especially with their inflatable movie screens the set-up is very easy and the whole stuff can be carried in a small car.

In 2010 the new brand ECOCINEMA was created to internationalize the project. Nowadays ECOCINEMA is travelling around Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Brasil or Ecuador and there are many more to come in 2015.

outdoor cinema in the Netherlands

For more information about ECOCINEMA and Solar Cinema take a look at:

http://www.ecocinema.net and http://www.solarcinema.org

Pula Film Festival: Celebrating 70 years of cinematic excellence – July 15th to July 23rd

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The Pula Film Festival, now in its seventieth year, proudly holds the title of the world’s oldest national film festival. It has garnered a reputation for attracting the largest number of visitors per screening, with approximately 23,000 attendees flocking to the festival each year. Beyond its impressive numbers, the festival has played a significant role in shaping Croatia’s cultural landscape and continues to captivate audiences with its rich history and diverse program.

Originating during a tumultuous period when Croatia was still part of Yugoslavia, the Pula Film Festival emerged as a symbol of unity and artistic expression. It provided a much-needed respite from the social and political conflicts of the time, offering a platform for filmmakers to showcase their work and a space for audiences to escape into the enchanting world of cinema. Today, it stands as a testament to the resilience and enduring power of the arts in bringing people together

The festival’s programming navigates between showcasing the most popular films of the past year and introducing audiences to exciting new releases. It caters to a wide range of cinematic tastes, ensuring that every attendee finds something to ignite their passion for film. Moreover, the festival pays homage to the rich heritage of Croatian cinema by including screenings of old, national film productions. This celebration of local talent and cultural history ensures that the festival remains rooted in the identity of Croatia and its artistic achievements.

An extraordinary aspect of the Pula Film Festival is the main setting—the ancient Amphitheatre. With a history spanning over two millennia, this awe-inspiring venue adds a touch of grandeur and splendor to the cinematic experience. Surrounded by the weathered stone walls, attendees are transported back in time while enjoying the magic of contemporary cinema. The combination of the modern art form and the ancient architecture creates an atmosphere that is both inspiring and evocative.

In addition to its traditional screenings, the Pula Film Festival also embraces the magic of open-air cinema by organizing outdoor movie screenings at various locations. To create these experiences, the festival uses the 7.32m x 4.12m AIRSCREEN. The AIRSCREEN provides a stunning backdrop for the outdoor screenings, enhancing the visual spectacle and creating a unique atmosphere under the open sky.

Beyond its cinematic offerings, the Pula Film Festival has become the most prominent cultural manifestation in Croatia. It is a celebration of creativity, attracting visitors from various backgrounds who are eager to immerse themselves in the arts. The festival extends its reach beyond film screenings, offering a diverse array of cultural events, including exhibitions, workshops, and discussions. These additional activities foster a vibrant atmosphere where artists, filmmakers, and audiences come together to exchange ideas, forge connections, and ignite their passion for cinema.

From July 15th to July 23rd, the picturesque city of Pula will once again transform into a hub of cinematic excellence, inviting attendees to indulge in a week-long celebration of film, culture, and creativity. The Pula Film Festival stands as a shining testament to the enduring power of cinema and its ability to unite, inspire, and leave an indelible mark on the cultural fabric of a nation.

Meet us at CineEurope in Barcelona!

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Barcelona becomes the ultimate destination in June as the world of film and cinema unites for CineEurope, the largest European convention for cinema operators and industry partners. This highly anticipated event takes place at the Centro de Convenciones Internacional in Barcelona, Spain (CCIB), drawing international professionals to discover the latest cinematic technologies, innovations, global production and distribution trends, and educational programs.

Join us at CineEurope and engage with industry experts to explore the realm of open-air cinema, made convenient and versatile through our AIRSCREEN inflatable screens. Meet us at booth 316 from the 19th to the 22nd of June to discover how our innovative solutions can elevate your open-air cinema experience.

Step into the beach bar setting at our booth and discover the AIRSCREEN nano in 2m screen width: A versatile addition to outdoor movie experiences, with dimensions of 2.00m x 1.10m, it is the perfect choice for intimate gatherings and cozy settings.

AIRSCREEN nano 2.00m x 1.10m

Additionally, witness the AIRSCREEN airtight (6.10m x 3.43m) in action. Set up at CineEurope, this beloved screen will bring outdoor cinema to life before your eyes. Not only will you observe, but you can also personally engage with the AIRSCREEN, experiencing the seamless installation process firsthand and even doing the entire set-up yourself.

AIRSCREEN airtight 6.10m x 3.43m

Take advantage of our expo offers – Get in contact with us to arrange a meeting: info@airscreen.com.

For more information on CineEurope, click here. 

For additional information about the AIRSCREEN, click here.

90 Years of Drive-In Cinema

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The drive-in cinema: where nostalgia meets modern entertainment!

For nearly a century, the drive-in cinema has been an integral part of American culture, providing families with a unique entertainment experience. Starting from its humble beginnings where people would park their cars and watch movies on a large screen, to the modern-day drive-in theaters that offer a diverse range of entertainment options. This cherished tradition has been passed down from one generation to the next.

On June 6, 1933, brothers Richard and Maurice Hollingshead opened the first drive-in theater in Pennsauken, New Jersey. The Hollingshead family had been in the automotive business and the concept of a drive-in theater had been around for a few years, but the brothers were the first to put it into practice. Originally designed to cater to those who found it difficult to sit in the small cinema seats, the first movie shown at the drive-in was the British comedy “Wives Beware”, with a cost of 25 cents per car. The theater was a huge success and has been ever since.

The popularity of drive-in theaters soared across the United States and eventually expanded globally, becoming a beloved pastime for people worldwide. During the mid-20th century, they particularly resonated with the Baby Boomer generation, offering a one-of-a-kind experience where audiences could watch movies in the comfort of their own cars and interact with others. As the years passed, these theaters evolved to include more than just film screenings. They transformed into vibrant social venues, attracting families, couples, and groups of friends seeking to enjoy live music, delicious food, and exciting events.

Throughout its history, the drive-in theater has faced both highs and lows. One of its most challenging periods was during the 1970s oil crisis, when people downsized their cars to save money, making it difficult and uncomfortable to watch movies in their vehicles at the drive-in.

Despite these setbacks, there are still numerous drive-in businesses operating across the United States and around the world, although they are not as popular as they once were. Thanks to digital technology and modern sound systems, a drive-in theater can now show the latest blockbusters, classic movies, concerts, and much more. It is a nostalgic experience that is beloved by generations of people and continues to provide a unique experience for moviegoers.

The drive-in theater has a rich and storied history spanning 90 years, making it a cherished cultural institution worldwide. Despite facing various challenges and changes, drive-in cinemas continue to offer a unique and extraordinary way to enjoy movies, transcending borders and cultures. So why not gather some friends and family, jump in the car, and relish in the timeless and cherished drive-in cinema experience?

Stationary screens are still used for drive-in cinemas but can be expensive and time-consuming to set up. Pop-up and inflatable cinemas are becoming more popular, and our AIRSCREENs provide a fast and easy solution. Inflating an AIRSCREEN takes less than an hour and can be done alone. By using AIRSCREENs, drive-in cinema events can be set up quickly and efficiently, making them the optimal choice for movie enthusiasts looking to create an unforgettable cinematic experience.

You are also thinking of using an AIRSCREEN for your drive-in cinema?

Get in contact with us! => info@airscreen.com or contact us on Instagram!

Moonlight Cambodia

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Unleash the Enchantment of Open-Air Cinema with Moonlight Cambodia!

Moonlight Cambodia offers an exceptional open-air cinema experience that is unparalleled in Cambodia. Their use of an 4.88m x 2.74m AIRSCREEN brings an exciting and unique element to any event, whether it’s a film festival, a private party, or an educational event.

One of the things that makes Moonlight Cambodia special is their dedication to providing top-quality equipment. From projectors to sound systems, they ensure that their customers have everything they need to make their event a success. But that’s not all – they also take care of film licensing and sourcing, making it easy for customers to choose from a wide range of films for their screening.

Moonlight Cambodia has received an overwhelming response since its inception. What’s particularly impressive is the company’s commitment to catering to events in rural areas where access to open-air cinema is usually limited to non-existent. For many people living in these areas, the opportunity to watch a movie on a large screen, let alone an open-air cinema, is an entirely new experience.

Not surprisingly, the people in rural areas find great joy in experiencing Moonlight Cambodia’s open-air cinema for the first time. For many older people, it’s a unique opportunity to reconnect with their idols from the 50’s and 60’s, and seeing them on a big open-air screen makes the event even more special. Many of the guests get really emotional which is a testament to the power of cinema to bring people together.

Moonlight Cambodia has undoubtedly made its mark on the event scene in Cambodia. With their unique approach to outdoor cinema, they have created something truly special. The emotional impact of their events on attendees is obvious and it’s clear that the team at Moonlight Cambodia truly cares about providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

It’s no doubt that they will continue to thrive in the years to come, bringing the magic of open-air cinema to audiences across Cambodia!

Find Moonlight Cambodia on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Moonlight-Cambodia/100063470712813/

You are also thinking of bringing open-air cinema to the people and share your passion about movies?

Get in contact with us => info@airscreen.com or contact us on Instagram!

7 most beautiful AIRSCREEN locations

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We would like to inspire future creators of outdoor film events. With AIRSCREEN you have the freedom to choose the place you prefer to install your cinema: Let your imagination fly to offer movie nights that go beyond the classic concept of  outdoor cinema.

Here you see some of the most beautiful places where AIRSCREENS have been used.

1. Cambridge, England

Photo: Star & Mouse

The Madingley Hall is a house surrounded by beautiful gardens on the outskirts of Cambridge. The house was so was coveted even Queen Victoria rented the place for her son while he was studying in 1860. Nowadays it belongs to the University of Cambridge and its wide spaces make it ideal to offer movie nights.

Photo: Star & Mouse

The AIRSCREEN silent cinema system allows you to reduce the sound impact to the maximum. Annoyed neighbours? Not with this equipment.

Check out the original AIRSCREEN accessories – among them our silent cinema system.

2. Ibiza, Spain

Photo: Cinema Paradiso

In the heart of Dalt Vila, you will find a charming summer cinema surrounded by the walls of the old city. Ibiza, in addition to being famous for its parties, offers enormous cultural and architectural legacy, perfect to enjoy the outdoor cinema nights in a unique atmosphere.

Your cinema can become a true masterpiece using more sophisticated chairs in which the public can watch films more comfortably. Also, adding details such as lights and candles will turn your cinema into a very cozy and charming place.

3. Birmingham, England

Photo: Cult Screens

This cinema is located in the botanical garden of Birmingham. It is perfect for plant lovers or simply for those who want to enjoy movies in a picturesque and harmonious location.

To accommodate more people using picnic blankets or puffs is a perfect idea, as long as this suits the audience´s style. In this case, the “Cult Screens” outdoor cinema combined different types of seats to offer more alternatives according to the taste of the spectators.

4. Westonbirt House, England

Photo: The Lost Cinema

This house located at outside of Tetbury in England, is one of the architectural and historical treasures of the country. Westonbirt House is today a school surrounded by large and beautiful gardens.

Currently the viewers of “The Lost Cinema” can enjoy the cinema in front of a beautiful architectural jewel in the middle of nature.

5. Lübeck,  Germany

Photo: Open Air Kino unterm Ostseehimmel Travemünde

Located on the North Sea, this outdoor cinema combines the charms of the beach and the harbor. Enjoying outdoor movies with boats moving through the ocean as your backdrop create an unparalleled atmosphere.

Photo: Open Air Kino unterm Ostseehimmel Travemünde

Do you need ideas to close the night? Fireworks combine wonderfully with a starry sky and will undoubtedly remain in the memory of all the spectators.

6. Aconcagua, Argentina

Photo: Megacine Audiovisuales

Reelrock is the highest climbing film festival in the world. It displays a selection of films that viewers literally enjoy at the high altitudes: In this case the group watch the movies at 4300m in the Aconcagua, world icon of adventure. With 6960m, this is the highest mountain in the world outside of Asia and the highest point in the southern hemisphere.

Photo: Megacine Audiovisuales

The entrance to the Aconcagua Reel Rock was free. The movies were about the experiences of great climbers, their experiences, the landscapes and its diverse cultures.

For events like this, AIRSCREEN is also the ideal companion due to its light weight and its ease of installation.

7. Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Norway

NORWAY OUT Mandatory Credit: Photo by Carina Johansen/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock (9776598a) People gathered in the mountain near Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) in Forsand near Stavanger, to see the movie “Mission: Impossible ? Fallout” in western Norway, 01 August 2018, Some of the scenes in the movie was filmed at the Norwegian landmark last November. The Pulpit Rock in Forsand featured in Mission Impossible movie, Norway – 01 Aug 2018

Definitely one of 2018 highlights.  This year at Pulpit Rock, 2000 intrepid adventurers walked for 4 hours to watch the premiere of the movie Mission Impossible: Fallout. Viewers enjoyed this Tom Cruise movie exactly in one of the places where the final scenes were filmed.

Photo: Paramount Pictures

To make this event possible, the AIRSCREEN movie equipment was transported by  helicopter. Similarly to the Reel Rock Festival, the AIRSCREEN inflatable screens facilitated to create what would normally be considered impossible.

Meet AIRSCREEN at CineEurope 2023 in Barcelona

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All roads lead to Barcelona! Well, at least in June. Every year the world of film and cinema congregates for the biggest European convention for cinema operators and their industry partners CineEurope, taking place at the Centro de Convenciones Internacional in Barcelona, Spain (CCIB). The beautiful city of Barcelona attracts international industry professionals to discover new cinematic technologies and innovations, global production and distribution trends, educational programs and seminars.

Visit CineEurope and talk to the experts about the world of open-air cinema made flexible and easy with our AIRSCREEN® inflatable screens. Meet us at CCIB, from the 19th to the 22nd of June.

Take advantage of our expo offers – Get in contact with us to arrange a meeting: info@airscreen.com

For more information on CineEurope click here. 

For additional information about the AIRSCREEN® click here.

Qatar World Cup 2022 on the big screen

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Excitement levels are rising as the major sporting event of the year is right around the corner.

For the first time in the history, the FIFA World Cup will take place in November and December in Qatar. It means the broadcasting in the most European countries will be held in rather uncommon football atmosphere with Christmas markets and decorated trees. Additionally the winter season enables a live broadcast of most of the games in the dark, which is a great advantage for those who live in Europe.

AIRSCREEN® classic 7,32m x 4,12m in Dubai

Whether with hot mulled wine on winter days in Europe or with a cocktail on the beach in the Middle East, you will be provided with a suitable system for all conditions: Standard AIRSCREENS® come with weather resistant projection surfaces. For winter conditions you can get equipped with special surfaces for low temperatures.

AIRSCREEN® is your ticket to an incredible World Cup atmosphere. Support your favorite team right where you are! All screen sizes are in stock and ready to be delivered to any country within a couple of days. Should you just need a projector, take advantage of our extensive stock.

Order now to receive your AIRSCREEN® in time to enjoy the qualifier of the World Cup to the fullest.

For additional information about the AIRSCREEN® click here.

A Mobile Cinema that helps elephants? It’s however true!

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There are so many ways to make future generations understand that we must conserve the fauna and flora of our planet, and the team of The Elephant Queen have chosen the art of cinema to make the world aware of this cause.

The Elephant Queen, an internationally acclaimed Kenyan film, is launching a mobile cinema and conservation awareness initiative across Kenya. The film is the result of 4 years of shooting in the greater ecosystem of Tsavo and 3 years of post-production by a diverse, talented, and committed team.

Despite the complicated filming conditions particularly accentuated by the global pandemic, the film crew is pleased to present a documentary that inspires and unifies millions of people around the world towards a better understanding and appreciation of elephants and wild spaces, allowing thereby raising thousands of dollars for wildlife education.

For the return of their long-awaited tour, the team stopped at the edge of Lake Jipe, where a community with a strong proximity to elephants’ lives, to kick off the screening of the film.

 AIRSCREEN® at Lake Jipe, Tanzania.

The film, which celebrates Kenya’s extraordinary wildlife and biodiversity, won, among many accolades, the Peace Cinema Award, the United Nations World Wildlife Day Biodiversity Award and Best Cinematography at DOC NYC.

Our AIRSCREEN® has brought the movie “The Elephant Queen” in several countries, and therefore facilitate the film crew to raise awareness among local populations about the danger that elephants face.

The Elephant Queen film crew with an AIRSCREEN®

For information on organizing your own outdoor cinema, please send us your request using the contact form or visit our website.

For more information on The Elephant Queen and her crew, please visit their webpage or Instagram account.

Antoine Manier from Rencontres Audiovisuelles (France)

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“We only need two people to set up the screen.”

Antoine Manier, Rencontres Audiovisuelles, Lille (FR)
AIRSCREEN user since 2014

To begin with, can you tell me something about your company?
Our organisation is called «Rencontres Audiovisuelles». We have been working on the promotion of animated movies, short films and digital arts for about 15 years now. We organise two festivals: the «International Short Film Festival» and «La Fête de l’anim’», both of them are located in and around Lille. Beside our research and development in cinema we also own a movie theater and offer our services in the north of France.

What is your connection to outdoor movies?
We bought the AIRSCREEN last year because we wanted to overcome challenges with our «International Short Film Festival»: Our priority was to enlarge the audience and make the ceremony, the heart of the festival, more attractive.
Often it’s mainly cinema lovers who attend our events but thanks to our night projections outdoors we were able to diversify the audience. Moreover, by working on our screening solutions we also broaden the number of viewers. The AIRSCREEN really helped us to solve this problem.

Did you get good feedback from your viewers?
Yes, absolutely. We achieved our goals and our events were crowded on several days. It was really a success. We’ve got an increase in both the diversification and the number of spectators. Now our new challenge is to use our AIRSCREEN beyond the festival in September and rent our material this summer in the north of France.

Which model do you have to realize this project?
AIRSCREEN classic 9,15m x 5,15m.

Why did you contact AIRSCREEN in the first place?
We have made our own online investigation about different providers. The contact that we had with one of your colleagues was really good. It took us a short while to get used to the product but once we got into the habit it has been perfectly fine.

How do you operate the system?
We only need two people to set up the screen and more or less four others to set up the extras for the event like chairs, audio system, etc
For one event we placed it in the middle of a French fine art institution in Lille. It was big enough to fit 500 people in and as a matter of fact it has been fully packed several times. The screen size was ideal for this location and the number of viewers.

Which types of events do you organize most of the time?
We do many types of projections in movie theaters, media libraries or reception halls. We’ve just started to discover all the opportunities with outdoor projections.  Pretty soon we will see if we can integrate outdoor movies in events apart from the festival. The concept is relatively new to us but we are looking forward to rent our outdoor movie equipment and services to partners.

Why did you choose outdoor screenings as a new alternative?
In comparison to regular cinema, outdoor movies are always nicer as people come together to share a nice evening together watching movies under the stars. This way you can address more people and open up new horizons like showing short films for example.

What are your plans for the future?
It would be nice to get a lot of inquiries for outside projections in the upcoming year. For this we could use a great summer and we look into buying another screen then.