Free COVID-safe Australia Day drive-in cinema

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Getting out of the house to enjoy a concert or a movie night under a starry sky has been no simple task since the Corona virus spread throughout all over the world. Drive-in theaters are a COVID-safe way to escape from isolation and enjoy some entertainment with your family and friends. This year the Ku-ring-gai residents could enjoy a free COVID-safe drive-in cinema event on Australia Day. Ku-ring-gai Council is a local government area in Northern Sydney, Australia. The region is named after the Kuringgai tribe who one inhabited the area.

Drive-in cinema in Ku-ring-gai Council
AIRSCREEN® drive in Ku-ring-gai Council

The Council’s family event was cancelled this year due to COVID-19 restrictions and the organizer found another solution. The Ku-ring-gai residents were invited to come together to reflect, respect and celebrate some unique Australian stories on Australia Day. The recently released Australian film “Go!” was played on the double-sided AIRSCREEN® drive (12m x 6m) on this special day.

Double sided AIRSCREEN® drive in Ku-ring-gai Council
Drive-in cinema with the double sided AIRSCREEN® drive

The AIRSCREEN® drive is a double sided inflatable screen and perfect for drive-in movie nights in the age of social distancing. Up to 300 cars – 150 cars per side – were accommodated at the showground for this free screening. A great advantage of the double sided AIRSCREEN® drive is that two different or the same movies can be played at the same time. The viewers were allowed to bring their own food to the drive-in cinema or choose some delicious street food from one of several food trucks.

Street food from food trucks at the drive-in cinema event
Delicious street food at the drive-in cinema

The film is about a boy who overcomes tremendous odds to achieve his dream of winning the “National Go Kart Championship”. Moreover it is a high-octane Australian family film with heart. Produced in Western Australia and highlighting the dusty landscapes, Aussie tones and overall tenacity.

Australia Day Movie GO! was played on the screen
The movie GO! on Australia Day

For more information about drive-in cinema systems please visit our website or get in touch with our Australian partner – Be Productions or send us a message to make your drive-in cinema event happen!

For more informations about Ku-ring-gai Council and St. Ives Showground, please check out the webpage or Instagram account.

The first open-air cinema tour of the Sörf Film Fest 2020

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Breathtaking cinema, wonderful athletes and an AIRSCREEN® in 5 stunning venues in Austria and southern Germany – that´s how you can sum up the Sörf Film Fest 2020.

AIRSCREEN® in front of the Mondsee in Austria
© Miriam Joanna

During the past few years the Sörf Film Fest has grown from a small festival in Vienna to a big tour with a total of 11 stops. Formerly the fest was planned as a cinema tour from 15 July to 28 August 2020 through Austria. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting closure of all cinemas it could not take place in this way.

AIRSCREEN® in Lunz am See in Austria
© Miriam Joanna

The event organizers got creative and quickly found a solution. With the Sunlight-Camper serving as headquarter and sleeping base, the SFF team travelled throughout whole Austria and parts of southern Germany. The originally planned one-week tour turned into the biggest, longest and most successful Open-Air tour with the AIRSCREEN® (7.32m x 4.12m). One of the most extraordinary places and lakes such as the Attersee, the Mondsee or the regional capital of the alps – Innsbruck were part of the journey.

AIRSCREEN® in Innsbruck
© Miriam Joanna

Despite the current situation, viewers let their thoughts wander to foreign countries and big waves. In addition, three of the six short films this year focused on strong women, who have so far been given too little importance in the entire surf scene.

In the other three films, the SSF also visited very exposed areas: from the far north of Norway to the wave mountains in Nazaré, Portugal, to raging rivers in Afghanistan.

For further information about setting up your own outdoor cinema, please use the contact form to send us your request or visit our website.

Tribeca Filmfestival 2020

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Tribeca, one of the most important film festivals worldwide, takes place under special circumstances this year. Due to the corona virus the 19th Edition will be a complete drive-in series. The event was found in 2002 by Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal in New York after the attack on the World Trade center.

According to co-founder Jane Rosenthal the drive-in series offers a quick and save solution to keep the magic of cinema experience, despite the current situation.

From July 2nd  to August 2nd 120 films from blockbuster over comedy films to classics, teasers and film introductions can be seen. The tickets are only sold online and a charitable cause is supported. A part of this year´s ticket revenue will be donated to the Black Lives Matter-movement.

Robert De Niro also stresses that the drive-in series benefits shared cinema experience on the big screen. Additionally the own car provides secured space, thus social distancing can be enabled.

The AIRSCREEN Company is part of the drive-in series in New York with one of the biggest AIRSCREENS (98ft x 41ft) in the US. The XXL screen can be inflated within 15 minutes and 500 vehicles can participate at the event. The sound is broadcasted over a frequency via fm transmitter to the car radios.

The concept of the Tribeca film festival suits AIRSCREEN perfectly, given that the event is not just about open air- and drive-in cinema, but also about social viewing. This is a shared event as social activity for everybody. Drive-in enables cultural events to take place especially in times of covid-19 pandemic. From concerts over sports broadcasting up to eGames, people can meet and enjoy special moments together while keeping save distance.

We hope soon daily life will return to normality, so that classic open air cinemas can reopen.

For further information concerning an own drive-in cinema please visit our website or send us a message via contact form.

Comeback of drive-in cinema amid Coronavirus

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The drive-in cinema has always been a special event for everyone. Whether a romantic movie night for a couple or an exciting activity for the whole family. Such concept goes beyond ordinary indoor cinema experience and shakes up your daily grind.

Despite all this, it has been a while since the drive-in cinemas reached their peak in the ‘50 with around 4,000 theatres across the United States. Now there are just over 400 theatres still operating in the US. 

Drive-in cinema with AIRSCREEN in the US
Drive-in cinema with AIRSCREEN classic (9.15m x 5.15m)

However, this might change soon as drive-in cinema is about to make a huge comeback amid coronavirus pandemic in many countries. While indoor theatres as well as any other entertainment venues fear permanent closure, drive-ins bring a breath of fresh air for everyone who wants to escape from isolation and enjoy some pleasant moments with their loved ones during difficult times.

The key point is that being in a car you can still meet social distancing guidance. You are also allowed to bring your own food and drinks while tickets can be purchased online only to avoid any unnecessary social contact with other persons. Such concept is going to set the trend for the next months attracting more and more cinema owners and entrepreneurs from other fields in an attempt to adapt their business to changing market conditions.

AIRSCREEN at the harbor in Münster
AIRSCREEN 16m x 8m in Münster

Trying to meet expectation of our customers, we are pleased to introduce a special AIRSCREEN drive 9m (30ft) with two screen surfaces for up to 200 cars (100 cars per each side). Of course, you can also get everything you need for your drive-in cinema in one place: all AIRSCREENS can be complimented by a suitable projector, FM-Transmitter and adapted to individual needs. Now every parking lot can easily and quickly be turned into a drive-in cinema theatre.

For more information about drive-in cinema systems please visit our webpage or send us a message.

Eco-friendly Holiday at Bawah Reserve

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Sustainability is becoming more and more important in the world and ecotourism is one of the biggest travel trends. An absolute insiders’ tip in terms of environmental compatibility is the Bawah Reserve, which looks like a lost paradise.

The resort featured 6 islands, 13 beaches and 3 lagoons. It is one of the most impressive luxury and eco-friendly hotels in Indonesia and is located 300 km northeast of Singapore.

Bawah offers the true meaning of sustainable luxury and not only tries to be eco-friendly. The resort has solar-powered boats, farm fresh food, all natural spa treatments and wooden stilted bungalows. It operates plastic free and sells reef-friendly, vegan sunscreen.

The entertainment program is also very diverse. For example, you can test your skills with a game of croquet, learn something about organic farming, do yoga on a paddleboard or experience a memorable romantic movie night under the stars.

If you want to watch a movie with your loved ones, you can do this on the AIRSCREEN at the beach, by the Infinity Pool or for the ultimate private treat, enjoy an exclusive film screening from your suite balcony. 

The AIRSCREEN matches this eco-friendly idea perfectly because of its longevity. An inflatable movie screen is your way of offering hotel guests an unforgettable entertainment program.

For more information about mobile cinema please click here and about Bawah Reserve take a look at

Breathtaking Norway premiere of “Mission Impossible: Fallout”

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About a year ago, the movie staff of “Mission Impossible: Fallout” filmed during 9 days the final scenes  at one of the most visited places in Norway: Preikestolen. This place is where the impressive final confrontation between Cruise’s spy, Ethan Hunt, and Henry Cavill’s killer, August Walker, takes place. Although the actor Tom Cruise could not attend the premiere he thanked his fans  for attending and regretted not being able to be there through a Twitter post.

On August 1, 2018, 2000 lucky and adventurous fans walked 4 hours to watch “Mission Impossible: Fallout” and possibly live the most extraordinary movie night. The audience had the opportunity to see in person one of the places where Cruise made some of his intrepid acrobatics that are characterized by defying death. After the end of the screening, the mission continued, as all the 2000 spectators walked back in the darkness using head lamps.

A 12m x 6m AIRSCREEN classic was used for this event and was epically transported in a helicopter to Preikestolen. The characteristics of the original inflatable screen made this event possible, as it is rolled up for transport and easily installed in about 3 hours, making what some would consider “mission impossible” actually possible: Watching movies at the imposing Norwegian fjords.

AIRSCREEN missio impossibleFoto: Paramount Pictures

Preikestolen is one of the most visited attractions in the county of Rogaland in eastern Norway, and one of the most spectacular photographic locations in the country. Not for nothing has it been named one of the most spectacular view points in the world by CNN Go and Lonely Planet. To reach the famous rock of Preikestolen, located on the Lysefjord east of Norway, people must hike 4 hours to climb 350m and travel approximately 7.5 km away. (Visit Norway, 2018)

AIRSCREEN supports you in all your “impossible missions” to spread the magic of outdoor cinema. We also want to congratulate our partner Unique Digital Nordic for  such a spectacular event.

Contact us today to make your outdoor film project come true! Click here to take the first step or send us an email to,

Enjoy outdoor movies in a hot tub!

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Imagine bathing in a hot tub while watching classic movies like Dirty Dancing or Pulp Fiction on an inflatable movie screen. That doesn’t sound fun enough? There are also waiters serving drinks directly to your tub as well as all kinds of snacks.

hot tubs with AIRSCREEN nano1

This idea was born in 2006 by Asher Charman from the UK. He says: “Our guiding mantra here at Hot Tub Cinema is that we don’t just watch films, we celebrate them. We encourage our guests to dress up, sing, dance, drink, play and most of all enjoy their favorite films, alongside friends old and new.” Right now there are several locations in the UK and Hot Tub Cinema is also coming to New York and Ibiza. Guests can book a whole tub for up to six friends or can book tickets individually and share with others.
Just recently filmgoers in Germany also have the chance to enjoy this unique kind of cinema experience. Whirlpool Cinema as well combines the twin pleasures of cinema and bathing.
What are you waiting for? Make a splash and book your own bubbly Hot Tub enjoying cinema in style!

“Outdoor cinema is taking root in Japan”

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“Outdoor cinema is taking root in Japan”

Outdoor cinema JapanHiroshi Mishima from POPUPTHEATRE ,Fukuoka (Japan)

To begin with, can you tell us something about your company?
My name is Hiroshi Mishima. I’m the representative of HISTORY INC. Our company is a PR agent and is an event planner. We are in charge of the PR of such as Hollywood major films or the drink maker etc.. And, by the name of POPUPTHEATRE, I offer event service using AIRSCREEN.

How did you come into the open-air cinema business?
I had worked in the Japanese film industry until several years ago. I was in charge of the distribution of many movies there. I always thought that there might be a way of enjoying movies as well as in a movie theatre, on a TV or on a digital device.
I wondered whether I could create a certain environment. It is the environment that makes many people open their hearts. And I checked the movies environment in European countries and America. Therefore, I arrived at an idea called outdoor screening that did not yet take root in Japan.

Why did you contact AIRSCREEN in the first place?
The AIRSCREEN is advantageous to the organization, which is not big economically, and this is because it was attractive on a technical mark. And I liked design characteristics of the screen above all.

What AIRSCREENs do you have?
We have an AIRSCREEN airtight 16ft (4,88m) and 24ft (7,32m).

What are the major advantages of AIRSCREEN?
The major advantage is to be able to set it up and remove it in a short time.

Which types of events do you organize most of the time?
We perform the screening at the location to be able to make use of the advantage of the AIRSCREEN. For example, it is a shopping mall without a movie theatre or a hangar of an airplane.

What was your favourite event with AIRSCREEN so far?
The screening always gets favourable receptions from the audience.

What is your feedback from your customers who use the screen for their events
The customer appreciates very much that the set-up and the removal of the screen are possible within a short time.

Are there any downsides to the product?
This is not a downside, but there is the rainy season, the typhoon, in Japan and we have to be very careful when setting up the screen in that time.

Talking about windy conditions, is there a problem with wind when using an AIRSCREEN?
The screen waves a little.

How would you describe the open-air cinema culture in your country? Are there any specific challenges?
It is the present condition in Japan that there are still little numbers of outdoor screenings implemented. In addition, outdoor screenings on the turf in a park are difficult from various reasons.

How have you experiences the support by AIRSCREEN over the years?
I got much advice from the AIRSCREEN staff. In addition, they reply to our questions quickly.

What screen sizes would you recommend for starting an outdoor movie business?
I recommend the 16ft size to be able to make use of mobility of the AIRSCREEN.

What is the future of open-air cinema?
Outdoor screenings are taking root as a new Japanese lifestyle, and I expect that this is connected to Japanese movie viewing population growth.


Start your own pop-up cinema business with AIRSCREEN

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If you are thinking about starting your own business: How about starting an outdoor movie company?

You like to travel? Perfect! There are so many opportunities to bring open-air cinema to people:

  • Establish a theater in rural areas where no cinemas exist anymore
  • Movie nights for hotels on the beach or at the pool
  • Backyard cinema in beautiful gardens
  • Pop-up cinema in unusual places – let environment and movie become one
  • Drive-in cinema for nostalgic cinema experience
  • Offer an outdoor video game experience on a screen bigger than all of your living room walls
  • Start a travelling cinema and bring movies to schools, cities and communities

And there are so many more ideas not created yet, it gives you free rein to your creativity! The best about this: it is pretty easy to install our plug and play products. AIRSCREEN complete outdoor cinema systems are starting at affordable 5,290 EUR. An inflatable movie screen, full HD projector and a professional sound system – all you need is included.

Check out our complete outdoor movie packages here.

Pop-up cinema

To help you grow your mobile cinema business you will also gain leads from us. It’s a proven business model and it successfully works in many countries worldwide.

There is no experience necessary to go ahead. Get started and join the AIRSCREEN family – use our knowledge, support and marketing material. Learn from our partners worldwide how to organize, promote and establish your own event company.

Take a look at our People behind AIRSCREEN section to learn about our partners and how they started their open-air cinema business.

Contact us today at or fill in our online contact form and we’ll get you on your way to running your own event production company.

Open-air cinema with solar power

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Open-air cinema with solar power

Everybody knows and loves the travelling cinemas as a special form of outdoor cinema. However a cinema only powered by the sun is an unique experience – both for attendees and staff. Dutch filmmaker Maureen Prins started the Solar Cinema in the Netherlands in 2006 to bring unseen films to unusual places and to promote the use of renewable energy.

travelling cinema with inflatable movie screen

Whether parks, local squares, locations on the beach or even gravel pits – there are no limitations for such a mobile cinema. Especially with their inflatable movie screens the set-up is very easy and the whole stuff can be carried in a small car.

In 2010 the new brand ECOCINEMA was created to internationalize the project. Nowadays ECOCINEMA is travelling around Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Brasil or Ecuador and there are many more to come in 2015.

outdoor cinema in the Netherlands

For more information about ECOCINEMA and Solar Cinema take a look at: and